Speaks At Levels That The Non-IT Person Can Understand

We turned to Doug and his company Valued Technology Services after our former IT company wasn’t working out. Doug and his team have a strong understanding of our hardware, software, networking and security. That was the piece that really open up our eyes! Doug and his team gets the ever-evolving security piece of the IT world. They are able to troubleshoot and solve problems quickly and efficiently, while also being proactive in identifying potential issues before they arise. Doug’s communications skills are terrific as he speaks at a level that the non-IT person can understand. He is approachable and patient when dealing with our team even when we may not understand the complexities of the technology. He provides invaluable support and expertise to ensure that our company and systems are running smoothly.

Maureen Lindsey Operations Manager
Alleanza Partners/The Workhaus

When We Reached Out, VTS Responded Immediately

We found Doug and his company Valued Technology Services via-Facebook and when we reached out, he responded immediately. I knew after our first conversation that he is very passionate about what he does. Doug and his team has done a super job transitioning us from our old IT provider to their services and assisting us to make sure we are running in a secure environment and acted quickly to get all of us set up when he didn’t have a lot of extra time to do it. We have been very pleased so far and know we have a safe and happy future using Valued Technology Services.

Beth Tannar Controller
Key Alliance Staffing

They Have A Really Seamless Process With Exceptional End User Support

When reaching out to Doug and his team at Valued Technology Services for anything that comes up with my computer, the response time is very quick. The chat function they provide is very helpful to make appointments and report any issues on my computer. The thoroughness and patience when working with Valued Technology Services makes it very easy to resolve any issues.

Cindy LeDuc Operations Manager
Alleanza Partners

They Understand Downtime Costs Me Money

The biggest benefits from working with Valued Technology Services is having the peace of mind from knowing our computer systems and network are protected, our information is secure and data is backed up.

Another benefit is someone is always available when I need help, whether the issue is big or small, and they understand downtime costs me money. If you are looking for a new IT provider, I highly recommend Valued Technology Services.

Kishore I. Kapoor Attorney/ Owner
Connecticut Real Estate Closing Attorneys

I Experienced A Hack - VTS Took Action 

It is so reassuring to know that Doug, Arefeen and their team are proactively watching over my computers, network and files. I experienced a hack in the past and know how violating and frustrating never mind costly it can be. Doug and Arefeen were very knowledgeable and efficient when they set up the firewall and other tools needed to protect my business. If you’re spinning your wheels deciding on a new IT provider, I just can't recommend Valued Technology Services enough!

Cathy Krupa Cathy Krupa Owner/Founder
CK Bookkeeping

They Asked Questions First, Then Delivered

Valued Technology Services updated and repaired my Law Firm's network system including a new Firewall for additional Security and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for our Partners to connect to resources from outside of the office. They are professional, courteous, attentive, knowledgeable, responsive, and punctual. I recommend them highly to anyone looking for IT assistance, small or large.

Matt Dyer Managing Partner
Furey, Donovan, Cooney & Dyer, P.C.

Consistent Quality Service As Your Business Grows

I must say it is important to know there are companies like Valued Technology Services that will support my small business. I get the same level of service and attention as a larger corporation would. I have not gotten the same commitment elsewhere.

If you’re looking for consistent quality service as your business grows contact Doug and his team to help you with your technology needs.

Dawn Tedesco eLearning Developer
C3 eLearning Solutions

Proactive, Punctual, and Knowledgeable Team

This company is fantastic! As a small business owner here in Connecticut, I highly recommend their services. Doug, the owner of the IT Firm, is very professional and punctual. Valued Technology Services is there for all your Business IT needs overall with great knowledgeable business partners to help along the way.

Bradley L. Sorrentino President & CEO
Sorrentino Legal

They ALWAYS Respond Fast And Correct Issues Immediately

Reliability is the biggest benefit I have found since moving to Valued Technology Services. Whenever we call on Doug and his team, they always respond fast and correct our issue immediately. This quick response time has been a huge plus. I feel Valued Technology Services has been far better than any other IT firm I have worked with because of the strong communication we have experienced. They have applied their knowledge and professional expertise in helping us to choose whatever option is best for my Law Firm, in a way that is very easy to understand. This allows us to confidently make sound decisions about whichever option is best for our specific needs.

If you are unsure about Valued Technology Services, you can be sure they provide value to their clients. Whenever we need assistance, they have always responded promptly, properly diagnosed the issue and assisted us with choosing the most appropriate solution.

Dennis L. Kern Attorney
Kern & Kern LLC.