Is Your Business a Playground for Hackers? Get a Cyber Risk Assessment and IT Systems Checkup to find out!

Secure your business and your data with a 3rd party cybersecurity penetration test

Our penetration test will show you how easy it is for hackers to get to your information, and create a plan to make sure your team is adhering to good cyber hygiene.

Our Pen Test is a real-life demonstration of how hackers could get onto your business network, what they could steal or lockdown, an easy checkup on user behavior, and how IT has been managing things so far —a good test that they’re actually doing their jobs.

The five warning signs of an insecure network

...that most CEOs fail to look at.

Save this list somewhere you’ll see it and review it AT LEAST once a month. 

Consider attaching this list to the side of your monitor to keep it top of mind. Make absolutely certain  YOUR organization can identify these security shortcomings by answering the following questions:

1. Have you ever experienced a breach, ransomware, or data loss?

Lightning never strikes twice, right?  Wrong. In cybersecurity, hackers always come back to their victims. Why? Hackers identify their past victims as future targets. In their eyes, your organization is an easy mark. They already have a playbook from the first time they attacked you; why not come back and see if there are new opportunities? (Sometimes, they even leave backdoors to make the return visit even easier.)

2. Can you log in to your business email or network without being prompted for an access token on your phone?

Are you prompted for multifactor authentication when you access critical business assets? Hackers are constantly trying to bypass your security, and one of the best ways to do that is to get one of your team member’s passwords. If you aren’t being prompted for an access token when you log in with your password, not only is your data is vulnerable, but your entire business is at risk.

3. Is spam and unwanted email constantly appearing in your mailbox?

You probably already know that 91% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email. Did you know that 1 in 5 users click on phishing links?  We both know that you’d never fall for a phishing attack, but what about one of your crazy-busy employees? Would someone else on your team click a malicious link?

4. Are you getting lots of warning messages or popups?

Many businesses are just depending on antivirus to protect them, and guess what? Today, antivirus isn’t enough. If you are seeing a bunch of pop-up messages or warning messages, you already have a problem. Chances are high that you’ve already been breached.

5. Are you allowed to go to any website you choose with your work computer?

Have you ever been blocked when attempting to follow a link? Tricking users into clicking malicious links is the easiest way for an attacker to get into your network. Research has shown that one in five employees will click malicious links in email messages. Blocking those links is a critical component of an effective security program.

If you answered YES to any of the questions, or are not 100% sure your security is completely protecting you, schedule your third-party assessment immediately.

How the Penetration Test works:

Step 1: You click on an executable (simulating what happens when a link in an email is clicked).

Step 2: Let the executable run once. This takes between 5 minutes and an hour (up to 2.5 hours on older machines). Go about your normal routine as it runs.

Step 3: We will analyze your results and present our findings as to what a hacker would find on your network. This will include cloud drives, One Drive, Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, and other file-sharing programs.

These findings include:

  • Security Patches & Vulnerability Management: Discover whether your network has vulnerabilities resulting from patch management issues.
  • Your Network’s Perimeter Defense: Using multilayered boundaries, including a firewall, intrusion prevention, and intrusion detection are more critical today than ever before. Our scanner will test whether your firewalls are configured correctly and whether they appropriately alarm.
  • Identity & Access Management: Learn if your team is using stale, repeated, or crackable passwords for accounts on your network. We’ll help you institute security best practices for handling passwords and credentials, such as the usage of multi-factor authentication for remote access, critical accounts, and administrative accounts, enforcement of a strong password policy, absence of default and/or shared accounts, and more.
  • Identify Serious Data Leaks: Locate where sensitive data is stored on your network and make sure it’s being guarded. Hackers commonly exploit both your network and data assets when attacking your network.
  • Measure Your Malware Defenses: Determine if you have an appropriate cyber stack that will respond to a simulated virus attack. Deployment of a solution that controls the installation, spread, and execution of malicious code at multiple points is critical.
  • Information To Inform Your Cybersecurity Decision Making: Gauge where your cybersecurity REALLY is today. Learn whether data encryption is functioning properly, what information about what a hacker can see around an infected device, and whether your network would withstand an attack (even on one machine!).

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Speaks At Levels That The Non-IT Person Can Understand

We turned to Doug and his company Valued Technology Services after our former IT company wasn’t working out. Doug and his team have a strong understanding of our hardware, software, networking and security. That was the piece that really open up our eyes! Doug and his team gets the ever-evolving security piece of the IT world. They are able to troubleshoot and solve problems quickly and efficiently, while also being proactive in identifying potential issues before they arise. Doug’s communications skills are terrific as he speaks at a level that the non-IT person can understand. He is approachable and patient when dealing with our team even when we may not understand the complexities of the technology. He provides invaluable support and expertise to ensure that our company and systems are running smoothly.

Maureen Lindsey Operations Manager
Alleanza Partners/The Workhaus